About Girish Tea

Established in year 1989, we are one of fast growing Tea Exporters, Retailer, Tea Packeter and Whole sellers having unique set of offerings that looks to offer Healthiest and most cheering sip of your cup of Tea. We believe in rennovating thinking on traditional Black Tea drinking aspect and have consistent tasting and development work for ushering new taste to suite your taste. We have experience of over 22 years in Indian CTC Tea Industry in the field of Tea Tasting, Production and Consumer needs and have persistent policy and inclination to Technology as innovative means in pleasing and refreshing our Customers.

India's finest CTC Tea blend in our attractive packaging, Silver quoted 3-layer Tea packets, fully automated Machinery, international standard bar coding and consumer friendly packing sizes poises us as most dynamic Tea industry brand. Our Packaged Tea Brands Kiran Gold, Kiran Popular, Kiran Premium and Prakash tea and our Retail Outlets enjoys broader share of market in Maharashtra State in India. Our broad range of flavour and aroma rich packaged Tea includes Best Export Quality Tea, Premium Quality daily drinking Tea, Refreshing red flavored Hotels preferred Tea, Stronger brewing Tea for instant energy as preferred by major segments of tea drinkers.

Our Foundation

The Quote 'Journey of Thousand miles begin with single step' broadly explains our foundation efforts. We established our small Tea Retail Outlet in Jalgaon city of Maharashtra State in India in year 1989 with blessings of our elders Shri Sajandasji and Shri Pritamji Chugara in year 1989. This establishment had strong foundation efforts and hard work from Mr. Ajay Chugara in support from Mr. Gopal and Girish Chugara. We later moved in Wholesale and Packaged Tea segment.

Popularly named as 'Kiran Tea', we formed Girish Tea Company as our officiating firm to take pace of further growth in year 1993. Best quality premium Tea, consistent Taste, reasonable rates and smiling and most satisfying customer services are our breathe in business and we continue to strive for excellence in the perspective.

Practicing Highest Standards of Food Safety and Quality, significant research in Tea Tasting and devising new taste blends, Novelty in customer services, zealous efforts and vibrant marketing plans are our core fundamentals that lays firm foundation for prosperous future ahead. We believe that Technology is one of our best helping friend to achieve our ambitions and passion in the growing Tea Market in India.

Our Strength

The entire process of Packaged Tea industry starts with buying fine quality Tea in its best season. We are proud to have Associates Presentation in India's all Tea Auction and Buying Centers namely Kolkata, Guwahati, Siliguri, Coonoor and Cochin along with direct interaction with Tea Gardens for private buying of finest Tea. Our dedicated Sampling, Tasting and buying team continues its thorough processes assist us in arriving at final buying decision. Tea tasting is a fine art of evoking taste buds to get perfect taste, its liquor, appearance and flavor of every Tea sample received.

Our Passion

We are a group of young and energetic CHUGARA family and our passion is to take this brand on global scales. Started with a small Retail Tea Shop, today we are growing to a complete Tea Mart offering Retail Tea, Packaged Tea, Export Quality Tea, Tea Semi-Wholesaling and Wholesale Tea. We are now taking this Passion and Vision to its pace and are rapidly expanding in State of Maharashtra and then rest of Country.

We are led by innovation and Technology driven Thinking and our unique feature 'Request Free Tea Sample' is our dedication and commitment to offer Best Quality Indian CTC Tea. We look forward to join hands with dynamic and vibrant Market Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Business establishments and individuals to Share this dream of prosperity with us.

Services Overview
We offer broad range of Tea Packings suiting needs of all segments of Customers that includes Individual Household Customers, Hotel Customers, Corporates (includes Industries and Businesses) and Export Quality Customers. Please refer our Flavours page for detailed information.
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